Grace Kids

Pre-K4 - 5th Graders

Welcome to Grace Kids

The children’s ministry exists to lay a Biblical foundation in the hearts of children. We seek to impart foundational truths about God and His love for each person through Biblical teaching, catechisms, Scripture memory, and song in ways that are distinctly Gospel-centered, relational, and fun. We are committed to providing environments which are consistently safe for children, in order that they may have the opportunity to grow in their knowledge and love of the Lord. At Grace Bible, we share Christ’s heart for children and feel a deep and Biblically-motivated urgency to implant Christ-centered truth into the hearts of our kids, which are able to make them wise for salvation through faith in Jesus Christ (2 Timothy 3:15, Matthew 18:10, 19:13-15). Our biggest prayer is that each child would come to a lasting and heart-transforming understanding of the endless love of God, leading them into a life-long relationship with Jesus.

When We Meet


Sunday, immediately following worship during the 9 & 10:45 service for Pre-k4 - 4th grade.


Wednesday nights during the school year at 6:00-7:15 for 3rd - 5th grade.

Mega Sports Camp

Annual summer event during the month of June for Pre-k - 5th grade.

Student Life 4 Kids Camp

Annual summer event during the month of June for 3rd - 5th graders.

Get In Touch

For more information about children's ministry, contact Ashley Cain.